All Weather Binoculars – Review and Recommendations

Being an avid outdoors man, there have been many times that I could have used a great pair of all weather binoculars.  Today’s review is about the Canon 4624A002 Image Stabilization All Weather Binoculars, probably the finest I have ever used.

all weather binoculars

Simply put, these binoculars are spectacular.  Point them at any planet in the night sky and you see a bright dot wandering around within your field of view. Just give a simple press to the image stabilization switch and the planet and its moons come plainly into sight.  Check out more details on image stabilization here.

A complaint about earier versions of the Canon image stabilization line was that your finger would fall asleep holding the image stabilization switch down. With this new version, Canon has made it simple…just press it briefly to turn on the image stabilization and it will conveniently shut off in 5 minutes. If you press and hold the switch it shuts off as soon as you release it.  This is a must have for all weather binoculars.

Battery life on these all weather binoculars is exceptional and should not be any problem for even the most avid user.

All Weather Binoculars Pricing

I found that the best pricing online for these image stabilization all weather binoculars was on Amazon.  You can check out pricing and other details here.

Social Media Marketing for Your Businesssocial media marketing

In the past, business owners often used social media as just another avenue for publishing content and listening to their customers. Today’s world is much different and in order to maximize the success of social media marketing, today’s business owners need to become adept at integrating a social media marketing strategy into their existing marketing programs and overall business strategies.

You have to do more than social media. You have to do social media marketing.

Our brand new Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing shows you how to add a social media strategy to every marketing activity to enhance, impact and drive buyer engagement, new business, and revenue for your endeavor. Download our guide and learn how to:

  • Staff an internal social media marketing team
  • Turn your customers into powerful brand advocates so that they engage and share more
  • Leverage the top social media marketing channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest into powerful lead generation channels
  • Incorporate social media marketing into every stage of your sales funnel
  • Effectively measure social media marketing success and ROI analysis

Download your Social Media Marketing Ebook for Free Today

Download today and make your social marketing efforts worth the time and money invested!  As always, utilizing a great blogging platform can be very beneficial for your business.

To your success…


How to Get Twitter Followers


How many hours per day do you spend on Twitter or other Social Media Platform?  If you are like me, TONS!  This blog post exposes how to get twitter followers the easy to get twitter followers

How to Get Twitter Followers – The Power of the Platform

According to the Twitter Help Center, “Twitter has become a valuable tool for people to exchange timely bits of information, whether it be a momentous news event, a personal story or a random thought.” I could not agree more because Twitter has become such a large part of our society with celebrities and average people using it on a daily basis for everything you can think of.  Many people are finally figuring out how to get twitter followers for a variety of reasons.

Want to get a job? Look to Twitter as a great source.  Want to promote a product you are selling?  Twitter can be used.  How about generating traffic for you blog, yup, Twitter works for that too.

The hard part about effectively using it though, is that is nearly impossible to gain enough Twitter followers organically to make it work.  Sure you can plug away daily, asking friends and family member to follow you, but honestly, that is an approach that will not last long.  It is difficult, time consuming, and just doesn’t work well.

How to Get Twitter Followers – Automating a Mundane Task

I found a great tool, called TweetAdder that let’s you add Twitter followers automatically.  And it works.  The tool will actually allow you to add dozens of new followers a day…and thousands in a month or so of use.  how to get twitter followersKeep in mind that these people are all now “following” you…reading every tweet you send out….and of course, they are perfect to market your product or service too.  I get at least 20 sales a month from utilizing this one approach to marketing my products and services.

The cool thing is that they even offer a free demo!  This software rocks…just set it and forget it…then start watching all the emails come in indicating that “you have a new follower”.  Hopefully this blog post gave you some real good insight into how to get twitter followers quickly and effectively.

To your success on your internet marketing efforts.

How To Get Blog Traffic the Easy Way


It happens to almost every blogger….You set up a blog account, write a few posts and nothing of value happens.  There is no buzz about your site, no one is buying your product and certainly, no one seems to be reading, commenting, or caring about what you’re writing.  There are many ways in which one can learn how to get blog traffic.  This post is about one I personally used to increase my blog traffic overnight, TEN FOLD!how to get blog traffic

How to Get Blog Traffic – The Basics

It is important to get the basics out of the way first.  These four steps are the foundation of your blog.  Keep in mind though that these steps alone will not drive the traffic you wish, for that read on to the Advanced Steps.

  1. Blog all the time. The more you post, the better chance you have to reach an audience.  It is of utmost importance to do at least one blog per day of content that is readable and interesting to your readers.
  2. Add the blog to blog search engines. You can use blog syndication to ping the blog search engines everytime you write a new post.
  3. Write comments on other interesting blogs.  Many bloggers will allow you to link back to your blog.
  4. Comment on people’s blog comments and link back to your site

How to Get Blog Traffic – The Secret Revealed

I have literally spent countless hours and dollars trying to effectively drive traffic to my blog.  Most had very high cost and very low return.

Recently, I found an online tool that taught me how to get blog traffic quickly and instantly.  No kidding…I set up the tool (took about 5 minutes), turned it on and watched.  Literally within 24 hours, my blog had a 10 fold increase in visitors and countless leads coming in.  Look at the screen shot below of my Google Analytics.  You can see clearly the date I started using this unbelievable tool.

how to get blog traffic

By now, you are probably asking yourself, how did he learn how to get blog traffic so easily and effectively.  It is as simple as spending $199, signing it up and turning it on.  Bam!

How to Get Blog Traffic – Advanced Steps

This Instant Traffic Plugin is my secret sauce in generating massive traffic to my websites. If you are serious about building whatever business you have, you should use it too!  Enjoy and email me with your success stories once you have turned on the internet’s best kept secret.  Watch the 5 minute video and then join my team.  We will excel together in the world of internet marketing.

To your success in the world of internet blog marketing.

What is a blog and How to Make Money with a Blog

A lot of people have an idea of what is or isn’t a “blog”, but essentially ” blogs” are just nice content management tools that allow you to add content to your site really easily. And by the way, you are reading one right now.  LOL.  If you are interested in how to make money with a blog, read on…

how to make money with a blog

Actually, it’s so easy to do — just start up your blogging tool, write your content and submit it, and it within a few seconds, it will appear on your site. Your posts will be automatically linked to your other pages, and be very search engine friendly.

The key thing that distinguishes a blog from a typical website is that normal sites are just built and then left alone(never being updated). Blogs, on the other hand, are constantly updated.  This is crucial to understand because Google LOVES new, fresh content.  If you want to ensure that you learn how to make money with a blog, it is crucial that you are consistent in your approach.

How to Make Money with a Blog | Blogging to help your SEO

Search engines like Google are always looking for fresh content that is updated all the time. Blogging lets you create fresh and original content and ensure that it is updated frequently, so with the right platform, you can really gain some nice search engine rankings and along with that…and more important…TRAFFIC.  Traffic is the ultimate way for new bloggers to learn how to make money with a blog.

10 Tips on How to Make Money with a Blog

  1. Spent 30 minutes per day on your blog, six days per week.  Post a minimum of ONE new, fresh content blog a day.
  2. Write all your blog posts for so readers will actually want them to a) read them and b) have them take some sort of action (join your mailing list, buy your widget, etc..)
  3. Don’t be salesy in your approach.  People read through this right away.  Don’t hit them in the face with “hey buy this great deal”. That is the kiss of death!
  4. Make friends with other popular bloggers.  Make comments on their blogs.  Many times they will put a link back to your blog which can really enhance your readership and sales.
  5. When you’re posting replies on other people’s blogs, use a signature.  Make sure it isn’t salesy….and it IS 100% professional.  Ensure that you link back to your blog in the signature.
  6. Work out a policy for receiving comments on your own blog. I highly recommend moderating every comment.  Many unscrupulous spammers out there will hammer your blog with links back to Viagra, and other non friendly internet products.
  7. Utilize a blogging platform that can be used “out of the box” by users of any ability.  I prefer to use the Empower Blogging Platform and have had tremendous success getting blogs ranked.
  8. Have an opt-in mailing list for your blog. You’ve got to understand that your LIST is almost more important than getting a person to buy the first time they come to your blog.  One of your strategies needs to be collecting OPTED IN email addresses so you can market them down the road.  I utilize Aweber as it is easy to setup and conforms to all industry standards.
  9. Don’t just be thinking about how you can monetize your site.  Keep your perspective, because you need to understand that it will always come across to your readers. If you want to be good and learn how to make money with a blog, keep the content enjoyable to your readers.
  10. Have patience and stick to it at all times.  You need to understand that a blog is a long term thing and if you stick with it, you will absolutely learn how to make money with a blog.
To your success..


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